About Us


Having lived with severe social intolerance my whole life, starting NOT FRIENDLY wasn't really a choice as much as a necessity. You see, being handsome and charismatic tends to exacerbate the condition.
Because the condition presents no outward indications, others are often completely unaware of the disdain felt towards their advances. People see an attractive girl or a handsome, muscular older man with a magnetic personality and they want to talk. I get it. But it still sucks. 
Personally, I've tried everything imaginable to avoid unwanted attention and interactions. From neck tattoos to all wearing all black everything. I've even pretended to listen to music or to be on a call just to avoid unwanted interactions. Nobody should have to live that way.
That's why I ask you to join me in bringing awareness to social intolerance by wearing and sharing the NOT FRIENDLY logo. The more we get the word out, the less unwanted conversations we will have.

Please help me bring attention to those who don't want any. Buy something today!

Erik Maniccia



Please Email: info@notfriendly.com or call Phone: (480) 447-7713