More Than a Brand, It's a Fair Warning.

As society continues to change, many people are feeling more and more isolated and looking for ways to connect. Unfortunately, this is creating millions of unwanted social interactions.

Like animals, some people are social creatures while others are not. The problem is, it's hard to tell who's who. If only people came with warning signs.

That's why we created the NOT FRIENDLY brand. Because not everyone wants to be your friend.


It's the perfect thing to wear to the gym on the days I don't want guys hitting on me.


I use the gaiter as a dog bandana. Jake is totally not friendly. Stop trying to pet my dog!


We all have not friendly moments in our lives... what a great way to show how you feel and support a good cause!


Good quality. Better than I was expecting. It's not Louis Vuitton but I can't afford Louis Vuitton!


I love that the bigger the brand gets, the more awareness S.I.D. gets. And as the owner, I'm also getting rich as hell!!!


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